A Hectic Evening

I went to open mic tonight, hoping for a nice evening with my friends. But as it turned out, although I did enjoy my friends and the performers, it was actually pretty hectic for me.

I felt like Grand Central for texting. My son has had one issue after another with his auto insurance since the mega hailstorm in CO on Monday. It turns out the insurance never changed him over to CO from CT. It wasn’t a problem with coverage, they had to cover him since he paid all his premiums. But they now sent him a new bill for double the premiums. He was freaked out, his money is tight since he just moved.

Then there is another issue that when he registered his car, they never sent him the actual reg. So when the insurance co. went to look it up, there was no record of it. He has CO plates but there is no record of them. So the state has to refund him his registration fees, and then he has to register the car. Which would be no problem except now the service engine light is on now so that has to be fixed before he can register the car because it won’t pass emissions if he doesn’t.

Poor kid. Such a hassle.

Then, I took a paintinig my sis did of the restaurant where open mic is held. I showed it to the two owners, and they fell in love with it. I think they are going to buy it. If not, they’ll hang it up for sale. But one partner came over to me, and said she was pretty sure they wanted to own it. So, I was texting my sis back and forth about it.

Add to that a man I used to work with texted me. We texted about a week ago, and I was kind of surprised to hear from him again. He’s the man whose wife, also my friend, has had lung cancer for 5 years, which is now metastisized into her brain. She’s holding her own. There’s been no change for quite some time. She’s still working. But apparently he has a tumor on his eyelid, and I guess he’s talking to me because he probably just needs to vent, and doesn’t want to unload on his wife that much. He and I got to be close friends when we worked together. I told him about my niece who is undergoing radiation treatment for a sarcoma in her shoulder. I chatted with him for some time, texting, because I just felt he needed an ear.

My guy friend who always sits with me has not been there for the last couple of weeks because his son was here visiting, and then took him to a family vacation on Cape Hatteras for a week. He came tonight and sat beside me as usual. I told him all the bad news that came down on me the last two weeks, because I kind of apologized for texting so much and I didn’t get to catch up with him as I usually do.

When the night was over, he handed me a belated birthday card. He hadn’t been here for my birthday. I didn’t even think about it. He’s such a sweet man. So with all that bad news, the universe gave me something to smile about. I am so blessed to have been able to make such good friends here.

It’s time for bed now. I have a fairly busy day tomorrow, so I better go try to get some sleep. What a hectic night. But it ended well.

Love and light to all.

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