Making Some Headway

Making some headway on my son’s car issues. I contacted a friend of mine who owns an Allstate office in Colorado Springs. He’s gotten a couple of quotes too. So next week we’ll bind them over for June. Monday he’s taking the car into deal with the “service engine” light. We still have not figured out why his license and registration don’t show up in a DMV search. Anyway he’s calmed.

Poor kid, just hit with a lot of crap at once. Moving the day of the hailstorm. His car getting so damaged, and he’s a car freak. He is meticulous with that car’s appearance, and now it’s all dented and he’ll have to come up with the deductible to get it fixed.

I’m heading over to the island to my sisters today for Mother’s Day. We’re going to an improv theater tonight, and her hubby is taking us out for dinner first. So nice! What a treat! Tomorrow I don’t expect we’ll do much but hang out at the pool, maybe go to the beach. I might take them out for breakfast if we can think of a place that won’t be mobbed on Mother’s Day. It’s going to be nice to hang out with them for a couple days. I kind of need the break after all the insanity, literal, lol, of the last couple of weeks.

Speaking of which, there’s been no noise from my ex since he was released. I just hope it lasts. I learned to wait for the other shoe to drop with him, my whole life. I’m hoping all the shoes are on the floor now.

Time to get ready for sisters house. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Love and light.

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