Finding Happiness

I am trying not to write too much about my personal life anymore. I guess my blog has just evolved from being used as a journal, to trying to address bigger issues, deeper thoughts than just what’s going on in my life. I have written a lot of blogs on finding happiness with a man. Happiness without drama, without pain. I actually had begun to think I wouldn’t find it, because it seems like I’ve been searching forever.

I think though, I may have found him. I’ve met a man, who is kind, and loving, and funny. He’s from Boston, so we have New England in common, and he has that “Pahk the cah” accent, which is comforting in a land of Southern accents. He has a wonderful life of his own with a close relationship to his family and many friends, and has begun to include me in it. He is considerate, and thoughtful. He opens doors for me, walks on the outside. Has brought me flowers, gave me chocolates and a card for Mother’s Day. He makes me feel like I matter, like I’m precious to him. I had forgotten, if I ever even knew, what it was like to be treated well by a man.

It’s early, it’s only 2 weeks in. Just saying, we spent a lot of time talking (he can actually talk more than me, which is cool….) and we both feel so comfortable with each other. No head games going on. No fears. No walls up. Easy. He’s easy to be with.

I won’t be writing too much about this relationship. I learned my lesson on that. I did tell him about the blog. He was interested, he didn’t ask to read it, and the more I get know him, the less I fear letting him access the blog. I don’t think he’d be intimidated by what he reads, if he read it. And somehow, I think that for both of us, the past is the past.

I’m writing about this today, because I’m pretty sure going forward, I may mention him in passing, when I write. And also, just to share the happiness I’m feeling. Blessed, as always…..

Love and light.

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