May All Beings Be Happy

Last night a few of my girlfriends came over, ostensibly our writer’s group. We do talk about writing, a little, lol. I read them “Gecko Porn”, lol. But we mostly just talk, and drink wine, and smoke a little. We get into some philosophical discussions too, which is interesting. We are all like minded. We cover everything from tRump to spirit.

We decided to order a pizza, and watch my copy of Tom Shadyac’s movie I AM. He’s the man who made all the Jim Carey movies, and award winning director. However this is a documentary, where he asks some of the greatest minds two questions, “What is wrong with this world?” and “What can we do about it?” Because he’s a man who has made some of the most hilarious movies ever, it’s a documentary that is fun and interesting.

What he comes up with, in the end….is that we are as a species, hard-wired for connection, for democracy, to care and nurture. Greed is not a natural state for us. The economy is not a living thing, it is something we created. And the answer is love. At the very end, the statement is, “John Lennon was right. All we need is love.”

The girls loved the movie. It’s uplifting and gives one hope that perhaps there’s a way out of this mess that we all find ourselves living in, especially these days. Most of us are of the mind that what happens is what is supposed to happen. The thought has been raised before among us, and was again last night, that perhaps tRump’s role is to show us how bad it can be when we allow greed, and fear, and lack to run our lives, instead of compassion, and love, and abundance.

My God, there is enough on this planet so that no one should be hungry. No one should be suffering, if we just made taking care of each other a priority. One of the brilliant minds (I can’t remember which one) said something like, Corportions can make money, but they need to have a conscience, and recognize that there is another economy that needs to be taken care of. The people among us who are the least among us.

I’ve said before that our collective character as a species is measured by how we care for the least among us. Which makes me quite liberal, because I cannot justify General Electric paying NO TAXES, while there are homeless and hungry, sick and dying people on the street, while so many have, (or might lose), access to health care. I look at tRump, worth what? $30 billion? Wouldn’t $1 billion be enough? I don’t know. What can you buy with $30 billion that you can’t buy with $1 billion?

It’s not that I’m against people making money, good money. I’m against them hoarding it, and believing that there is never enough, and so, never having enough. Taking it out of the economy completely, so that it does no one any good, except for their own egos, to look at their vast holdings and think it makes them superior to the man in the street who is looking for shoes on a cold winter morning.

Well, enough of a rant for this morning. I am blessed, I have enough. If I need something, I have it and have the means to live a lovely little life. I have amazing friends, and family. I wake up most days looking forward to my day. I wish that for all people. Like the Buddhist Metta prayer below. Love and light, all.

Metta prayer

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