No Beach Today

I was supposed to go to the beach today. I was totally looking forward it. We were going to spend a couple hours vegging in the sun, then get a bite to eat and a drink maybe at one of the places on the water. It’s been so hot here, as it has up and down the east coast. It’s expected here, but not in Portland Maine, lol. Last night at open mic I had on my lightest shirt, and I was still hot. Was happy to get home to my AC, to be honest, though the show was good.

However, I slept so poorly last night. For many reasons. I woke up after maybe an hour or two of sleep and every joint in my body was sore. I’m thinking that’s because I’ve been out of tumeric for a few days. I got up, made coffee and then my stomach started churning. Broke out in a drenching sweat. I sat for awhile, fell asleep on the couch, but called off the beach for sure. I think I got dehydrated. Not good to only drink wine (2 glasses) when it’s that hot. Needed water.

So, here I sit, sipping, finally, a cup of coffee. Getting a bite to eat. Getting straightened out. Maybe we can do the beach Saturday or Sunday. There are t-storms predicted for this afternoon and it’s already cloudy, although down here t-storms are almost a daily occurrence as we get into the summer. I won’t have to water my plants. I know a nice long nap is in my future this afternoon. I don’t really want to go anywhere.

A friend gave me a book on astrology last night at open mic. I’ve gotten into it a lot more lately, and she is very into it. So that might be interesting to read. I could sit out on the deck with a book and a tall glass of water, or many of them.

Let the day unfold. Love and light.

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