Falling Together Nicely

Sometimes when everything seems to be falling apart, it’s really falling together. I’ve felt like that a lot lately. I have kind of realized it had been in the final stages of the crumbling, the dust settling, and now it’s coming together nicely. Funny the way that works, isn’t it?

It’s actually rained here, two days in a row. For like an hour one night, and a few hours las night as huge t-storms rolled through. We were sitting at the kitchen table and after about an hour, sayng, “Wow, this is real rain!”

Today though, found out that when the rains come, the bugs come out down here. And MAN, do they come. All of a sudden ants outside everywhere, and termites on the beams that line my driveway. Just tons of them, where there were none. So, out came the bug spray, in full force. Crazy. While we were mixing the bug killer by the hose with some water I noticed the biting ants were out in force around the hose, and seconds later that they were biting me because all I had on my feet were some flip-flops. So now I’m sitting with my feet up covered with Cortizone. Grrrr. Well, I think we killed everything in the yard anyway.

I finally got to the beach yesterday. It was such a gorgeous day, with a light breeze off the water, making the 90° heat bearable. And the water is almost 90° as well, and we spent a good part of the time in it. It was a perfect beach day, and the beach was crowded, for a FL beach. Which is not crowded at all by the CT standards I am still used to. White sand, turquoise water, calm seas, a light breeze….pretty much perfection. Followed by a nice late lunch by the water with an exotic tropicl drink. What else could you ask for?

Now I’m sitting here, Sunday afternoon, catching up on blogs, and email, and texting with friends. Having a glass of wine, and content. Writing in between texts and blogs. The young couple who bought the house next door came over and brought me some homemade banana chocolate chip walnut muffins. I invited them in and showed them my little abode. We got to know each other a little, it was nice. I felt a little guilty because I should have taken something over to them. Well, I will one night. I had a muffin when they left, lol. Shouldda been dessert!

It’s a good life. Love and light to everyone.

11 responses to “Falling Together Nicely

  1. Wow, I bet the heat is humid too! I melt at 78. No wonder The Orange Buffoon shuts down Marolago during these months…

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