I’m Late, I’m Late…..Oh, Wait. I’m Not.

I woke up so late this morning, 9:30!!!, that I am totally disoriented. Like when you get up late for work, except that I realized in a second that I didn’t have anywhere I had to be. I generally wake between 6 and 7 sometime, and I did that. But I went to sleep very late last night, like maybe 2 am or so, because I got those damn ant bites on my feet. To say they itch is a vast understatment.

I shut off my light just before 11, and actually fell asleep pretty fast. But woke up shortly to the itching and burning of ant bites. Finally at 12:45 I got up and put more cortizone on them, and took a Benadryl to stop the itchng. I went back to bed and waited for it to work. But an hour later I was still scratching my ankles. If you’ve never had an ant bite, and I never did til I moved here, they are teeny ants, with a vicious bite that burns and itched madly. Ridiculously.

I lay there wondering what else I could do to alleviate the itching so I could sleep. I remembered when we used to go out in the boat and swim, that when we got jellyfish stings, we’d put vinegar on them to stop the burning. If there was no vinegar on the boat, we’d use pickle juice. It worked. So I got up and soaked a paper towel in vinegar and applied it to my ankles and feet and, miraculously, the itching alleviated. It wasn’t gone, but it was at a low hum that allowed me to finally get back to sleep.

When I woke this morning at my normal body clock hour, I knew I’d only slept about 4 hours which is no way enough for me. Against the odds, because it’s usually a futile exercise, I lay there and tried to go back to sleep, thinking another hour would be good. To my great surprise, it apparently worked! I went back to sleep for abouto 3 more hours! I have not slept this late in the morning in decades really. I remember one New Year’s Day a couple years after I left my ex, I slept til 9, having been out pretty late the night before. My son came in to see if I was alive, because the mom he knew was up about 5:30 every day. That’s the only other time I remember sleeping this late as far back as my now not-so-good memory goes.

Crazy. My second cup of coffee is beside me, and my head is clearing, except for the allergies which are attacking me this morning. I took an allergy med, and I’m waiting for it to kick in. I’ll get it together and get to the grocery store. I’m out, completely out, of dishwasher detergent. I forgot to buy it last week, one of the perils when you only buy it once every 4 months or so. D’s birthday is tomorrow, so I need to pick up a couple things to make him a birthday cake.

Time, in fact, way past time, to get moving! Love and light to all.

2 responses to “I’m Late, I’m Late…..Oh, Wait. I’m Not.

  1. My philosophy is we can change our schedules to be what works for us at the time. i’ve had to get use to letting go of the guilt I feel when I sleep late or take a 2 hour nap…but, hey, it’s my life and I can give my time to whatever I want. The advantages of not working. And thanks for the hint about treating the ant bites. They are vicious.

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