Ex’s Newest Delusion

The ex has been out of the psych ward for 2 ½ weeks. I was wondering how long it would take for him to get fixated on another delusion. I don’t have to wonder any more, because my old next door neighbor called me tonight.

He’d knocked on their door and when they came to the door, seemed very agitated and was shuffling his feet. He wanted to know if my son had talked to Linda, the wife this weekend. She said, “no we weren’t here this weekend.” He apparently thought my son had come to talk to her because I’d been raped.

Remember, my son lives in Colorado. The ex is in CT. I told her to call the police and ask for an officer to go check up on him. I am afraid that since the dr at the psych ward told him he doesn’t need to go to the police for anything, he may take matters in his own hands. The police called me back for more information about him and are on their way over to see him. In the meantime, I called my bff up there, and my sister-in-law to give them both a heads up. Last time he got my bff involved in it, so I am afraid he will this time too. I decided to weait to tell my son until tomorrow, when I have some resolution on the situation from the police, who said they will call me back after they talk to him.

I am at D’s house as this is transpiring. I am so glad I’m not at home alone to sit and get freaked out by myself. It’s his birthday, and he took me to the drive down by the harbor where there are tons of good restaurants and shops. We had a nice lunch and window shopped. It was a nice day.

I just hope my ex doesn’t go off the wall about this. It’s a little scary, you know? I know he’s not taking his meds. I don’t know why he comes up with these horrible scenarios. I guess if I’m not there with him, in his mind, something horrible must have happened to me. But my friend who’s a therapist told me that the delusions he has about me, are things he wants to do to me. I’m so glad I don’t live there.

Weird how life can be so crazy in some aspects and so wonderful in others. What a dichotomy.

Love and light.

7 responses to “Ex’s Newest Delusion

  1. Okay, this guy is scaring me. I’m glad you are not up there any longer, either. I wish he was taking his meds and adhering to a plan for stability. 😔

  2. Wonderful and crazy life. I can relate to that. Always opportunities to practice our coping skills and always things to be thankful for. May the good continue to grow strong and the challenges be few and far between.

    • Yes especially when the delusional person is your sons father, and someone who you lived with for 40 years. It’s absolutely creepy to be the center of such a horrible delusion. We’ve been apart 10 years, divorced for 8. Totally creeps me out.

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