The police called me back last night after they went to check on the ex. They said he seemed ok, not upset. They said the drs had asked them to stop by and check on him to see if he needed anything. When asked if he had any family in CT, he said only his sister.  He did not try to convince them that my son was around and had talked to anyone.  I’m guessing that the police stopping by kicked him back into reality, even if for just a short time, because he didn’t want to go back to the hospital.

I was grateful they went to check on him. I’d been afraid he would act out on it, or take matters into his own hands. They may have prevented that, and maybe kept him a little sane for a little while, or at least, in closer touch with san

I called my sister-in-law last night just to keep her up to speed. I want her to know, just on the off chance he shows up at her house for some reason. She was grateful.  We both acknowledged that this will probably just be an ongoing thing, as long as he’s never threatening anyone or himself.

I found out her daughter, my niece and god-child, finished her last radiation treatment, the 25th of 25 treatments. Her skin is burnt badly, and she’s tired, and a little fearful, but my sister-in-law and her hubby drove up to Boston to be there when she was done, and took her some balloons and flowers. So happy she’s done with this part of her treatment. Now she has til the middle of July to heal, and then have some serious major surgery.

It’s going to be a beautiful holiday weekend. I think D and I are going to meet my sis and her husband somewhere for lunch or dinner either Friday or Monday over near my sister’s house. I met his family yesterday. It was nice, they are good people. His mom is 90, she reminds me of my mom. It’s nice to be included in his family. It’s nice to be with someone who works at making sure I know how he feels, and who is grateful to know my feelings. No games, no secrets. So easy. Finally.

Love and light to all.

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