Political Idiocracy Can’t Distract From My Happy Life

Lots of political fodder this morning. The official White House document with the goals of tRump’s Israeli visit says that a main goal is” a “Lasting Peach” between Israel and Palestine. Really? They are in such chaos that in creating an important document listing the goals of the president’s first and much watched trip abraod, they don’t have time to proofread? It’s inconceivable that that piece of paper got put out with that glaring typo.

Then, Michael Flynn is taking the 5th amendment? Of course he is. Just, of course.

The Republican candidate for special election for the House in Montana is cited for assaulting a reporter on the eve of the election. Really? Another bully for tRump.

Fox News puts out a statement that tRump is the first sitting president to visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I guess they don’t have the resources to find out that Obama, Bush Jr, and Clinton have all been there. Maybe it’s a passive aggressive tribute to Roger Ailes, the man who created the term “fake news.”

I stopped reading the news, it was either too absurd or too aggravating.

Going to open mic tonight. Taking D and my childhood friend. My friend who is the sculptress finished my sculpture of QuanYin, the Goddess of Compassion, for my altar. I’m so excited to put it up. I’m going to pick it and her up on the way to open mic too. It’s cooled off a little here, and the humidity has dropped, so it should be a really nice night to sit outside and listen to music.

It’s still amazing to me that my life right now is so happy, and content. It’s what I always dreamed of, at least at the moment. (Not withstanding my ex’s delusions from time to time.) I’m so grateful to be in this place at this age. Love and light…….

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