Beautiful Things

We are having some beautiful weather here in the Tampa Bay area. Yesterday the high was around 90, but the humidity was only 42%, which is amazing for here. Today looks like a carbon copy. Such a treat.

It’s a perfect beach day, except that it’s Sunday of a holiday weekend. My sis texted me yesterday, as she drove along Gulf Drive on Anna Maria Island (near her home on Longboat Key) and said she’d never ever seen so many people at the beach there. The parking lot, which is generally less than half full, was packed. People parked on the grass, police blocking entrances because there was no parking left. Crazy. We’d planned on going over there today, eat lunch woth my sis and brother-in-law at my favorite restaurant, and then go to the Beach Market. But with that report, we may have to modify that plan a little.

My friend the sculptress finished my statue of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. (Picture below.) She is so beautiful! She is two parts, the statue itself and the lotus blosson in which she sits. She is also an incense burner. One stick can go through the top of her head, one through the bottle in her hand. I’ve never been much of an incense burner, but I may become one. My altar is just started, and I’m sure over time I’ll add more things to it.

Guan Yin

In Buddhism, she has arrived at a level of enlightenment which would allow her to become a Buddha and enter Nirvana, but refuses to leave the world of suffering until all people are free from suffering and vows to assist in achieving that goal. She’s a pretty cool goddess!

I am off to a day on the island with this amazing man I’ve met, and with my family on this beautiful day. It doesn’t get any better than that! Oh…and remember today is the New Moon. Set your positive intentions for the next lunar month today and tonight!

Love and light to all.

4 responses to “Beautiful Things

  1. I read a meditation/poem in my Earth Prayers book in which Kuan Yin appeared so happy to see you tears of joy sparkled in her eyes (that’s how I remember it.) The statue coveys wisdom and compassion. Very special!

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