Taking a Walk

I took a walk down by the water this morning. It was hot, already 90° at 10:30, and the humidity is high today, about 70%. It’s almost summer in Florida. But there was a nice breeze off the water, slight, but noticeable.

I walked down to the end of the fishing pier and found this gorgeous heron just standing there. I walked toward him slowly, so he wouldn’t fly away. The herons here are not so skittish as the ones that go up north in the summer. He looked at me with a bit of distrustful fear in his eyes, but only took one step out of the way.

heron on pier

There were quite a few fishermen casting nets down there this morning. The tide was very low, helped along by the new moon I would guess. I don’t know what they catch in the nets. A few were casting from the pier, and a couple more were in the water. The other day we saw someone pull in a nice size flounder off the pier. But other than that, I’ve not seen anyone catching too much there.

I took a walk through part of the fresh market after my walk. It’s called a fresh market, and there is a lot of fresh food there, produce, meat, seafood, exotic jerky, homemade cheese, etc, but also a lot of vendors of crafts and other things. I bought a dress but when I got it home and tried it on, I didn’t like the way it looks, so I’ll take it back next week. (There’s nowhere to try it on at the market. There are only canopies for the booths, no dressing rooms.) I get why the gauzy loose dresses are so popular here. You don’t want anything on that touches your skin when it’s 90° and 70% humidity.

Still….I love living here. Love the balmy breezes, not working, heron on the pier. It’s a good life.

Love and light to everyone.

13 responses to “Taking a Walk

  1. Shoot girl! Haven’t you ever heard of Filenes’ Basement? Now defunct of course but there were no dressing rooms there either….just a bunch of men and women walking around in their underwear!
    I could smell those stinky fish. YUK. (Although I do like flounder.) Florida is another one of those places where I can’t understand why anybody goes there on purpose. LOLOL

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