The Ripple Effect: Intentions and Energy

This morning D and I were having a discussion about manifesting what we want and setting intentions. He is not like me, in that he is not immersed in this stuff, but he is very thoughtful, and listens and is open minded. I showed him my collection of forks, bent in half by setting intentions. The idea kind of intrigued him I think. Not sure he totally bought into it, but that’s ok, he doesn’t have to. I like him just the way he is, and he will find his own way to his own truth. Then I happened to be walking by the nightstand that has my crystals, etc, on it, and asked him if I ever showed him my pendulums. I had not.

I showed him…how they respond to “show me’yes’ ”, “show me ‘no’ ”, and stop. I could tell he was kind of thinking “this is pretty out there, you’re doing something….” So I gave him one to try. He was shocked the way it worked.

Anyway, I think it may have opened a little window for him to get a new perspective on things like intention, and energy. Maybe not. I hope so, and I think so, but he doesn’t ever discount anything that could be possible, and he never tries to make me feel like I’m way out there.

I spent the next few hours helping outo my childhood friend, taking her to a dr. appt., to the pharmacy and being an ear for her, she has so many problems. I just listen, because that’s all she wants. She’s not looking for advice.

I got home and found my lawn mowed, by D. Which was lovely. He was gone. I sat down here, to write, but realized I needed to do a meditation, which is something I’ve not been doing as regularaly as I like to. I chose a 30 min. guided meditation, which was actually about how our thoughts ripple out into the universe. Not unlike, setting an intentions in a fork that it will bend in half and then it does, effortlessly. You never will think the same about a simple thought once you do that.

I have had some things that I have needed to deal with, lately, personal stuff. I’ve talked with D about them, and with a couple of really close friends, but I know the answer, the decision, on how to proceed lies with me. I suddenly saw the ripple of effect of the choice I make extending far past the immediate issue.

The answer for me had to come from a place of “what do I want to send out into the world?” And the answer had to be, healing energy, the kind of energy that will help heal not only, and maybe not necessarily even, those affected by, this decision. But ultimately, what was kind and compassionate for all people, since we are all inextricably connected?

Once I was able to frame the question on a larger scale, the answer came fairly easily. It’s something I can live with. It allows me to be true to myself, and my quest to learn to live like water, to find a way back to source, to the place where we all come from, and forget.

It’s been a good day. It will be a good night. Love and light to all.

3 responses to “The Ripple Effect: Intentions and Energy

    • It only takes a few minutes, now. I couldn’t do it the first time, though everyone else did. You lay the fork down and just look at it setting the intention that it will bend. Then you let go of the intention, and pick it up and it bends easily. When that didn’t work for me, (becauase I had too much expectation in the result) she told us to lay it down next to a bent fork, and leave it that way for awhile. So i did that, and left the two on the counter for about two days. Then I set the intention again, and picked it up and it bent easily, right in half. I did it again a few days later, just to make sure it wasn’t an anomaly. I haven’t tried to do it since then, because I need my forks, lol. But they were substantial forks. I have a picture, maybe I’ll follow up with the pic and the instructions.

      • Thanks for the details. Fascinating stuff! I’m reminded of how I can find a missing item by letting go of conscious thought and letting my body take me to where it is. A very different mental process than what I’m used to.

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