The Fork-Bending Thing

I’ve had some interest in the fork bending I mentioned in a recent blog, so I thought I’d just post the basic, as I understood them, instructions and a pic of the first fork I bent.

First you need good solid forks. The one in this pic you can buy at Walmart, or Targe, 3 for $1.50. You lay it down, and focus on it, with an intention that it will bend for as long as you intuitively think you need to do it. Most of the book club which was 5 women, took about 10 minutes. Then you let go of the intetion, the thought, completely. Pick up the fork, and bend it easily.

It didn’t work for me the first time. I was the ONLY one who couldn’t do it. She told me that often the people who are the most spiritual, understand the most about intentions have the hardest time because we have an expectation.

She suggested if it doesn’t work by laying it down, then lay it next to a fork someone has successfully bent. Leave it there for awhile. I left it for about 48 hours. Then I focused an intention again on the fork, let it go, picked it up and easily bent it.

A couple days later, I did another one, just by laying it down and focusing intention, and it bent easily. Here’s the picture.

Bent fork

So that’s all there is to it. You have to set an intention. I remember Oprah Winfrey saying many times that when she began to understand the power of intention, she required that when any of her staff came to her with an idea for her show, she asked them, β€œWhat is your intention with this show?” You never think the same about your thoughts once you are able to do this.

Love and light.

3 responses to “The Fork-Bending Thing

  1. Love this concept and am attempting to identify my intention for my blog. Is it to entertain? Express? Gain followers? Improve my writing skills? Find the fun in most incidents? Share my experiences? All of the above? And how specific does my intention need to be? Your post has set me on a learning quest. Thanks.

    • Oh that’s so cool! Sometimes I have forgotten my intention for my blog but it’s still just like the name, learning to live like water. A journey back to source. I’m so happy to have inspired all these cool thoughts! 😊😊🌷

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