Rain and Unwanted Guests

I’ve been in Florida for almost 9 months now, and I think this is the first morning I’ve awakened to the sound of rain, even a bit of thunder. It is however, the rainy season here. I remember when I moved here I was told we have two seasons, monsoon and tourist. So, I guess tourist is over, and monsoon is here. It rained on and off quite a bit yesterday too. It’s always a warm summer rain. It smells good.

However, the rain spoiled our plans this morning to go out to breakfast. The place that holds open mic night was going to have one of our favorite performers for their Sunday brunch, but seeing as how it’s an outdoor venue, it was cancelled. So, we’ll find somewhere else to go get breakfast.

I have a mouse. I hope only one. I hope it’s a mouse and not some larger rodent. I HATE those things. (See, I can hate some things, lol.) They chewed through my bag of rice, and a bag of stuffing I had. I texted D to tell him that on our adventures out today, we will need to get some traps. How fun.

I have to say, I’ve probably been lucky though, not to have had them before. My house is almost 100 years old, and I’m sure there have always been ways for the mice to get in. I’m guessing they are looking for a dry spot, since when it pours here, which it’s been doing, there are not many dry spots around outside. The water just tends to pond on the roads, since it’s so flat. The house I lived in with my ex was about this age, in the woods, and we had mice all the time. So, while I’m used to them, I still don’t like them. I remember being able to hear them in the walls at that house. I haven’t heard them here, until this morning. I was laying in bed and heard something, but since my hearing is pretty bad, I still am not sure it was the mouse, (or whatever) or if it was just the rain, since I am not used to hearing rain here.

I have been happy for about the last week or so not to find any palmetto bugs laying around. My joy is short-lived. I think I’d rather have some of those cockroach-on-steroids around than a mouse, or worse.

Small problems in a wonderful life. The cool thing for me is that I am not facing anything alone any more. A drama free relationship that is everything else I could want. It’s amazing.

Love and light, everyone.

10 responses to “Rain and Unwanted Guests

  1. We had a Christmas mouse once. He was really pretty…light tan and white. Loser killed him.
    Never saw another one and one day I realized why. I was in the attic, running cable to all the other rooms and out of the corner of my eye…sat a corn snake. 🐍
    He was pretty too. I have a pair of yellow alligator shoes that are the same color.
    He got into the attic via a vent hole on the screened porch. We were sitting out there one day and he came slithering out. He was longer than Loser was high…and he was pretty high! He never bothered us and we never bothered him…just let him sit up there and be a snake. 😜

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