Taking in the Sweetness of Life

My morning routine was disrupted this morning because I had to get fasting bloodwork done for a routine diabetes dr. visit next week. My glucose readings have been very good for the last couple of weeks. I think it’s because I’ve settled down emotionally. I haven’t changed my eating habits, nor lost any substantial weight. I just think it’s because, in Louise Hay’s words, I’m taking in the sweetness of life.

For instance, today, after the bloodwork. I had such a nice day, despite it raining for about the 5th day in a row. It’s warm, and it’s nice out., but it was pouring and thunder-storming for a good part of the day. We hung out, watching TV, drinking wine that was over 10 years old, talking, eating. It was a lovely day.

Taking in the sweetness of life.

It’s a way to live. Finding joy in every moment. Sharing the time with someone special, with whom there is never a bad moment, or with friends, like my girlfriends last night. I still pinch myself all the time. To live in a place I love, to have made quite a few good friends, to have met an awesome man with whom I love spending time doing anything. Like, right now, he sits beside me as I type and encourages me to do it. He actually likes my writing, and likes that I write. It’s a treat, for sure, to be encouraged, not discouraged, in something I am passionate about.

The point is, we have to take in the sweetness of life. We don’t have to turn everything sweet, because everything is not sweet. But what there is, take it in. When you look for it you’ll find it, and you’ll find more. When I was going through my divorce, I was in a bad place for a long while. My wise older sister said to me, “Try to find something beautiful in each day, Deb. Even if it’s just a single flower.”

When I did as instructed, began looking for something beautiful, I found many things. Pretty soon my whole attitude began to change. Life is good, even if we have to look for the goodness sometimes. For the sweetness.

So here I sit, bathing in the sweetness of life. I think I’ll go enjoy the moment. Love and light to all.

One response to “Taking in the Sweetness of Life

  1. That is so cool that your glucose readings have been good because you are settling down emotionally. It shows how strongly our emotions affect our physical health.

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