Wonderful Busy Life

I’ve had a busy couple of days, last blog notwithstanding. Dealing with the mice or rats, for starters. We refilled the bait trays a couple of times, and they seem to have way slowed down their eating. So I’m guessing in a day or two I can put my food back in the cabinet. One of my friends asked me how big the poops were, and I said about a half inch. She said, “Ohhhhh. Fruit rats. They are about 6” long.” Which totally creeped me out. But regardless, we seemed to have dealt with them.

Got my lawn mowed again, which was nice. It has been raining so much it grew like it was New England. Crazy. I didn’t mow it for almost 6 months, it was drying out, and dying. And now it’s green again, and has been mowed for 2 weeks in a row. Crazy.

Yesterday morning, Dan and I took a walk down by the water, since it was the first morning without rain in about a week. Even though it was sunny, it was hot, really hot. We stopped and had breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating but we sat indoors for a change. For the air conditioning. It was really nice to do that.

We went to open mic night last night. My friends all really like Dan, he’s fit right in easily. It was really fun. The restaurant had a good crowd, which is not the norm in the off season. And it was one of the regular performers birthday. He brought a couple of birthday cakes, and the restaurant served them up. We must have sung happy birthday 4 times, lol. Different renditions each time.

This afternoon he went home to tend to some things there. I went to Walmart, and have been baking stuff ever since. Just in the mood. I guess it’s more fun when there are people to cook for who appreciate it. Besides writing. LOL. It’s that balance thing. We need balance, both of us, despite the fact that we totally enjoy each other’s company. I’ll see him again tomorrow.  I’m just taking a breath….doing what I love to do.

It’s the life I kept hoping for. And I still pinch myself every day. Love and light.

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