Letting the Universe Take Over

Last night Dan and I went to dinner at Gulfport’s little Italian restaurant. It has won awards for the best Italian food in the St. Pete area, and I’d eaten there before with my sis and brother-in-law and knew it was good. (The dinner was the gift of his mother for the two of us. I’ve been doing some baking and bringing her some when I go over there. At 90 years old she doesn’t get out much and doesn’t bake, so she really appreciates the treats.) We had an exquisite meal. Appetizers, salad, entree, and dessert, and a bottle of server-suggested cabernet.

The restaurant has indoor seating and outdoor. The outdoor has a sturdy roof, and gardens along the back, which is where we sat. About half way through the meal it started raining. We were enjoying watching the rain about 6 feet from us in the garden, but we were dry. It was quite hot last night, about 90Β°, and very high humidity, so it cooled off as it rained.

Quite suddenly the rain became a torrential thunderstorm. The lights were blinking on and off, and the wind started really blowing. There were lightning flashes so close there was no distance between the flash and the thunder. I love thunderstorms, if I’m safe. (I only haven’t liked them when I’ve been anchored out in a bay on the boat, especially when they hit at night. That was kind of scary.) Eventually, we had to move ourselves to a table further inside the covered patio space, because the wind was blowing the rain on us.

But it still felt like a perfect night, is the point. The storm was really a huge one, but they never last too long. The street outside the restaurant was flooded for a long time, which is why we decided to indulge in desserts, because we weren’t leaving any time soon. Tiramisu, and an orange cream merengue pie that was to die for. We’d gone there about 6 pm. We left about 3 Β½ hours later. We decided that it was our favorite restaurant in Gulfport. The food was fabulous, the setting made me want to go to Italy more than ever. And the company was so pleasant, kind, considerate.

We both remarked how2 or 3 months ago, we couldn’t even imagine being at this place with a significant other that we really cared for. It’s amazing how life changes. It’s amazing how the universe can bring you what you want and need, if you just surrender control to it. We both have had some really hard stuff that we’ve gone through in our lives, but we both feel it was supposed to be, because here we are. I still say I manifested him in my life. When I wasn’t being made a part of stupid games or trying to get through my divorce, I’ve always said the man I dream of is walking toward me. I can’t speak for him, but I’m pretty sure he’s as happily surprised as I am that love has come into his life at this late date.

We both have stories of how we have, in the past, surrendered to the greater power that I call The Universe. It was done out of need, out of being at the bottom, out of just needing to give it over and trust because there was no other option. Surrender, and let The Universe drive the train. I’ve come to know that will get you where you want to be faster than anything we as humans can do. Paths are carved, connections are made, journeys evolve and merge. It’s amazing when we realize all that’s happened needed to happen to get us to where we are.

I think I’ll just stay a passenger on this trip. Dan too. We’re enjoying the ride. Love and light to all.

5 responses to “Letting the Universe Take Over

  1. So perfect Deb!! i am so happy for you !!! Now it’s my turn… I hope. We need to talk soon. Call me when you are not busy with Dan! πŸ™‚ love you, hugs, M.

  2. I definitely believe in manifesting. I made collages, often called treasure maps, made lists of desired traits, and imagined how it would feel to be with the man I dreamed of. We just had to learn a few lessons first to appreciate each other even more.

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