Sun Was Almost Out This Morning

I almost saw the sun this morning. There was a band of blue sky to the far east about a half hour after sunrise. I kept glancing out the window. I”ve been missing the glowing Florida mornings lately. It’s just the time of year, and I know it can’t last forever. I heard the reservoir was down to 45% full before the rain began. I’m sure they are at 100% capacity now, if not overflowing. It’s like the switch was flipped overnight, and we went from no rain to rain every day.

It’s different than up north though. It rains, but for like an hour or so. Then stops. It might downpour for that hour, flood the streets, and then stop, and a patch of blue sky will appear. I guess it’s to be expected when you have a very warm body of water like the Gulf of Mexico and not that far away, the Atlantic Ocean. The air masses joust for position over the Florida peninsula and voila….in the heat of the summer you get lots of rain.

My lawn needs mowing again. Crazy.

Open mic tonight if it doesn’t rain. I got a FB message from my highschool bff’s boyfriend, Art, that he was back from Mexico and might go. I told him great, he could meet Dan. He grew up in the same town in Iowa as I did but I didn’t know him then. I met him down here, lol, where he lives when he’s not in Mexico. It’s weird that we have this little group of us from the same small town in Iowa who now live in this area. Me, my girlfriend and him.

Time to get my day underway. Love and light, all.

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