The rats are still around. Scurrying around, looking for non-poisonous food, I would guess. They aren’t eating much these days. I would have liked to think they were mice, but their poops are too big to be mice. Hopefully, the whole family will be killed by the poison. I’m all for humane treatment of pests, but shit, a rat? In your house? Even small ones, like these. They are insignificant in the grand scheme I suppose, but their being in my cabinet, running around behind the scenes, creeps me out. Well soon enough they’ll be gone. You’d think they’d get sick of eating those poison pellets every day.

I’ve not had, thankfully, many palmetto bugs lately. I had one small one this morning. Small enough to pick up in some toilet paper and flush. Usually I won’t squish them or step on them because they are so big. I catch them in a plastic cup and throw them out the back door. The little one this morning was the only one in about 3 weeks.

But seriously, rats and palmettos are not that much of a trade-off for the life I have here. It’s warm, and humid, and there are sea breezes to blow through my hair. I have this cute little house that I love, and now often share with an amazing man. I am whole again.

Love and light to everyone.

5 responses to “Wholeness

  1. Maybe the rats are eating the palmetto bugs. 🙂 I’m real big on being as humane as possible, but it was hard to find the right size live traps for the small rats we had several years winters ago, so I used the old fashioned traps. Faster death is what I’m thinking. I actually paid for someone to set them, but I ended up burying the one rat that was caught. I was Miss Independent back then. I still hate the thought of it, though and would probably get someone else to do it if we get them again. I hope my dogs keep them away. And I hope your rats go away soon. Good luck!

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