Is Karma a Bitch?

Karma gets such a bad rap. So many people think she’s a bitch. And think she’s a she. Well maybe. The feminine does not have brawn, so it stands to reason our strength might be in karma, coming around and doling out justice. What goes around, comes around, right? I have never completely agreed with that.

I see kind people who take all kinds of crap, and even retain their kind nature. I see people who hurt others, never being hurt in the same way. Is there karma? I tend to believe if a person hasn’t gotten their commuppance, you need patience. They only haven’t gotten it YET. But even that I don’t believe completely.

When I had my spiritual book club back in CT, one of the books we read discussed karma. I think it might have been one of Rebecca Rosen’s books, but I’m really not sure. We read a lot of spiritual books. But whoever it was described karma in the following way.

When you agree to take on this life, there are lessons that your soul agrees to learn, before you are born, on a spiritual level. If you resist the learning as a human, then the lesson will be repeated until you learn it. If you don’t learn it in this lifetime, you get to come back and try it again. It’s the energy of resistance to the lesson that creates karma. If you keep repeating bad behavior, and never learning the lesson, you will continue to reap the results of that behavior and bring that unwanted stuff into your life. If you learn the lesson, truly, deeply, and make changes within yourself, you will reap the benefits of your new behavior, and over time, with a commitment to changing, your life will change for the better.

So, on the surface, it seems like what goes around comes around, and that can be used as an excuse for having unwanted things repeatedly happen to you. I just believe that you can change your karma by changing yourself. You don’t pay for your errors ad infinitum, unless you choose not to learn the lesson. Why do I believe this? If the universe is unconditional love, which I truly believe, it is not out to hurt you. It’s incapable of revenge, or recrimination or spite, or anything but love. But it will hold you accountable for the lessons you’ve agreed to learn for the evolution of your soul. Because it loves you, and wants you to learn this lesson. Only in that way will your pain end.

Just my thoughts this morning.

The sun has been out again for 2 days now, except for some brief tropical downpours. It’s not yet 90° at noon, which is remarkable. Yeterday I got in my car and it said it was 107° sitting in the sun. I drove it and it quickly went down to 93°. However our open mic night was cancelled as we had a torrential rain for about an hour right when it starts at 7 PM. We came home and watched a movie. There’s another event tonight we may go to (if it’s not raining), put on by one of the open mic performers.

All’s well. Love and light to all.

11 responses to “Is Karma a Bitch?

  1. Fascinating topic. Your belief of the universe being unconditional love (which I agree with) and not wanting to hurt us, but to teach us and hold us accountable, is parallel to my understanding of God as a loving parent, allowing us to experience consequences of our own behavior and providing opportunities to learn and grow, which is sometimes uncomfortable.

  2. I don’t think Karma is a bitch. I’ve been with a couple of them and Karma seems way to consistant. She is dependable, slow to react and even handed. No Karma is no Bitch, but she has made me one more than once and that helped make me who or what I am now. I really appriciate your take on this subject. It is the closest I have seen to something I can buy as a god. If you knew me, you would know, that is no small feat. Thanks for the light on a subject that often lingures in the shadows of my mind.

  3. Thanks for this post. I feel that some books are better pointers than others, including when we are discussing karma. Since karma encompasses all our actions, it is natural that a wide net could be cast and still leave room for more comments ! I am still learning to live like water; karma is my teacher. Peace and love to you ! d

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