Treasure Island Sunset

I have to write about this day. So often lately, I think, it doesn’t get any better than this does it? Today was one of those days.

Dan and I were together all day. We are often together all day, and all I can say is, it’s so easy. It’s just so easy. We have not had even one bad nano-second where we questioned each other. Is it because we are retired, and have no pressure? Is it because we have no financial pressure, meaning, we don’t attempt to live beyond our means but we are both comfortable with what we have?

I think those things are important, but really, we just enjoy each other’s company. He mowed my lawn while I wrote. I made him a BLT when he was done. I folded laundry, he did some odd jobs around the house, without me asking, I might add. I don’t ask him to fix my house for me. I was writing and the next thing I know I hear the lawn mower going.

Tonight, we shared a bottle of wine and just talked for a long while. I made some food. We had been invited to a thing…a kind of musical thing, a performance of sorts, by one of the performers from open mic night. I am vague because I don’t know exactly what kind of a show he puts on. At open mic he sings and plays guitar and he’s good. But while we were eating we decided that since the sun was out, and there were a few clouds we should drive to the barrier island of Treasure Island on St. Pete Beach and see the sunset.

We got there and had to manifest a parking place, lol. But we did, and then walked to a bar on the beach, with picnic tables in the sand, that was belting out live music from their indoor place. We walked up to their outdoor bar, got 2 glasses of wine and walked down to the water on the beach and watched the sun fall through the clouds on the horizon. It was about 82°, a very light balmy breeze off the Gulf. The waves only lapped the shore, and we could see quite a few boats on the calm water, sitting watching the sunset. We could see clouds in the distance that were downpouring, though the sky was blue where we were. We stayed until the light faded, our arms wrapped around each other. We were laughing at how we were a couple old farts that felt like we were young again. It was a perfect, sensual, balmy tropical evening.

Treasure Island sunset

I wanted to record it here, before the sweetness began to fade. Not that I think it would. Our base line so far has been only good. We never seem to go to the negative, but only build the positive. It’s a new experience for me, and for him, and we are both delighted by it. I thank the universe every day for all the experiences and events that came to pass that allowed our paths to intersect at exactly the moment when we were ready for it.

Just trying to share the joy, and maybe give a little hope to those who might need it.

Love and light to everyone.

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