Need Formatting Help

Over the weekend I upgraded my blog to the first paying level of Personal because my storage needed to be increased.  Since then the formatting on my blog is all screwed up.  It won’t paste text as written, like it woouldn’t do single spacing on the poem I wrote the other night.  Every time I hit the return key it adds a space. I copy and paste from word (or open office) on almost all of my blogs.  It doesn’t seem to do it if I write it out here, but I’ve lost too many doing that.  I’ve looked everywhere for a way to change the line spacing but can’t find one.

Does anyone know how to remedy that?  Or will it require a tech call?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 responses to “Need Formatting Help

  1. I’ve always had that spacing problem with poetry and still have a habit of putting up with with things like that. But every time I’ve messaged the wp tech support people, I’ve been happy with their help. Good luck!

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