A Happy I’m-Not-A-Father’s Day

I’m not a father, obviously, but I had a really nice Father’s Day. I made cream cheese brownies for Dan, and brought them to his house with a Father’s Day card. We took some to his mother, who was so excited about them. She doesn’t get out much at 90, so is very appreciative of people bringing her goodies. Later in the day we went to Bonefish Grill and ate way too much and had a bottle of wine, then stayed up groaning about how full we were, lol. But it was fun.

This morning we went out for breakfast, and when we got there, we saw Krispy Kreme donuts across the street. We managed not to go there, but now I know it’s not that far from his house, lol. That’s so dangerous.

We were laughing at breakfast, because our server asked Dan where he was from. They had a conversation about South Boston, where they were both from. Well, he isn’t technically from that part of Boston, but he spent a lot of time there. Anyway, she was saying how she’d worked to lose her Boston accent and learned to say her R’s. Like “park the car” not “pahk the cah” because she got tired of customers and people always asking where she was from. After she left, he and I kept talking about it. He thinks he’s lost a bunch of his accent, but I don’t. He’s very Bostonian, to me. He said to me, seriously, “I say my Ahhhh’s now.” And I burst out laughing. “Yeah,” I said. “You say your Ahhh’s real well.”

We went to my house to pick up a med I had forgotten, and when we walked in the house was hot. Turns out my thermostat battery had died. I was glad we didn’t wait until tomorrow, or it would have been 90° inside the house by the time I got home tomorrow. I think my salt lamp would have had a serious melting episode.

We think the rat problem is solved, but can be sure tomorrow. I want the traps and food to go untouched for a few days before I put all the food back in that cabinet. I’ll be happy to be rid of that problem!

Anyway, we had plans to go in the pool this afternoon for some exercise, but it started pouring rain on the way home. Guess we’ll have to rethink that plan. Still, it’s a nice relaxing day.

Love and light.










2 responses to “A Happy I’m-Not-A-Father’s Day

  1. I have been catching up on your past blogs, since I am a new follower. All I can say is, WoW, you have made changes that many of us need to make. Trading in problems for salutions is always a great deal. Having said that, it seems to me that in the area of unforeseen consequences, this new guy is reaping the rewards of the old guys bad behavior. New guy must be very greatful that Old guy was such a creep. I bet he quietly thanks Old guy on a daily basis for the love that was delivered to him.

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