Family Time

Dan and I at my sister’s house on the island tonight. We picked up my nephew and his wife at the airport today and are now all at my sister’s house. It’s been a wonderful day.

We showed them my house, then drove around Gulfport, the quick tour from the car. Then drove over here to the island. We sat around having drinks and food. My sister has so much food here. We are only staying tonight, but I know we won’t be hurting for good food. We spent a long while in at her pool, but skipped the hot tub. It’s really hot here, and high humidity. The pool heat is shut off, and the water is still about 85°.

We ate a fabulous dinner and then drove the two blocks to watch the sunset over the gulf. Clouds had set in to the west, probably from the tropical storm system to the west in Lousisana, and from the humidity here. So we didn’t get to see the sunset, but we did just hang out on the beach.

The Florida Conservation Assoc. (I think that’s the name) marked some sea turtle nest today on the beach. They stake them out and cordon them off so that people won’t disturb the nests. So, on a full moon in July or August they will hatch, and run to the sea. They have to make it to the water and then swim 2 miles out within 24 hours to make it to safe feeding grounds. The people who live along the water have to follow strict regulations on their outdoor lighting, because the turtles need moonlight to find their way to the water. We hope to come back here to watch them hatch. I’m pretty excited about it.

Anyway, it’s been a fun family filled day, with my sister and brother-in-law, and my nephew and his wife. So good to have family time. So good the way they have embraced Dan into the family. My sister told me I look so happy. I am, I am.

Love and light, everyone.

2 responses to “Family Time

  1. I’m glad to know people there have to follow strict regulations about lights during hatching season. Where I live, I think it’s just a recommendation. Will have to look into that. Also glad you are happy!

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