So Glad I’m Here!

Thank God I moved to Florida! What a perfect move it turned out to be! I think about all the good things…my life here, my friends here, being close to family, my writers group, open mic night and of course, Dan.

But imagine if I was close enough to my crazy ex for him to reach me. I wonder what horrible delusions he would play out then. And even worse if my son was still living near him. Geezus. I haven’t and won’t tell my son about this latest episode, unless he’s hospitalized or something. I sure won’t tell him that his fathers sitting on the rock at the end of the driveway, looking for him. That’s so creepy. My ex is in complete denial of the brutality he visited upon my son. He will not hold himself accountable.

And then there was the other one, that I had such a hard time letting go of. So glad that he made that drunken phone call to me the night before my ex was hospitalized, and 5 days before he was due here. So glad I was given the real picture of who he was. I’m so glad he felt he could tell me anything, and did! So happy that when I hung up with him, I lay in bed saying, β€œWhat the F**K were you thinking???” I was shaking. It would have been so bad. I’d shut that door before, but this time sealed it and threw the key away.

I guess the universe had been working in my behalf, and now I think it believed I was done. Two weeks later, Dan walked into my life. Amazing how that worked. Close the wrong door and the right one opens.

Anyway, the intervention worker has not called me, so I am assuming that they don’t feel it’s urgent to talk to me about my ex. Good. I hope they start leaving me out of that loop.

My writers group of women is coming over in about an hour. I think we’ll actually talk about writing this time, but not the whole time. It will make for a fun evening. Girls night (or evening) out, lol. Some wine, some smoke, some girl talk, and writing.

Love and light.

13 responses to “So Glad I’m Here!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the most recent challenges with your X. I guess they don’t call them a “ball and chain” for nothing. But, “What the F*** were you thinking” is right! You must tell us the rest of that story. There are two questions that are rattling around in my head. 1) what could that guy have said, that after forgiving and forgetting his last several transgression, you finally said ” this time it’s bad enough to not try again? He is either the greatest thing since sliced bread, but very stupid, or you’re the most forgiving human being on the planet and don’t mind simple men. I’m going for the latter. Question 2) WTF were you thinking. lol So tell us, what did Simple Simon say that turned your heart and stomach in one phone call? I bet it was a doozie. Btw, I hope this Dan dude deserves what you have to give because it is quite apparent your capacity for love is much larger than most. Heck if I wasn’t already committed I would give you a call. Darn, at least I don’t think I would make you ill. With Like, Light and Revenge in my heart ( as you can see I’m a relatively new disciple of the Universe ), 2020

    • You and laurel crack me up. It was bad….at least in my book. Probably not in his. Lets just say that what he believed was acceptable behavior was not what I believe is acceptable. I thought we’d cleared that up before, but apparently had not. Definitely had not. I haven’t told the details because I just want the thing to end, and to publish it would only keep the cycle going. Maybe some day. As for Dan….he’s awesome. He deserves more than I can give, but I’ll give him as much as I can.

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