Addiction Affliction

I have a new follower, Prohibition 2020, who has written a very insightful blog about addiction. It’s not the typical thoughts you see about helping the addicted, nor on the causes. It is very interesting, and thoughtful, so I’m reblogging it. Love and light.

Prohibition2020's Blog

Some folks say addiction is a disease. I partially agree. It is a disease for the self-absorbed to be self-satisfied. Isn’t it wonderful that the politically correct have given the weak minded, narcissistic, entitled, pathetic bitches of society an excuse for their bad choices and worse behavior?                                                                                                                           Why do we have the need to help these sad people continue to do what they do by giving them an excuse? Is it because we are frightened by this behavior and we need to make sense of it?  Is it that we are so wonderful that…

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