2 AM Hot Tubbing

I’m having trouble sleeping tonight. Probably because I took a nap today, we made love, we made a nice dinner, we talked about Italy a lot and I’m just not tired enough. I came out here to write, but not much to write about. No great shakes on my mind. Just not real tired, though I had a bloody Mary earlier tonight. I think maybe we should go sit in the hot tub. I’ll go wake Dan and ask him.

It’s about 1:15 in the morning. Dan was awake so I didn’t have to wake him. We put on our bathing suits and got a towel and went over to the pool and hot tub, about 500 ft away. There was no one else there. The hot tub was hot. The max temperature for a hot tub here can be 104° and I’m sure it was every bit of that. Dan turned it on and we sat in there until our fingers shriveled. Stars twinkled above and palm fronds swayed with the little breeze that was blowing. The night was probably around 80°.

When we got too hot we went into the pool. We swam some then just sat and talked some. The pool was cooler, and very refreshing. We stayed about another half hour, and came back around 2:30. Now we’re eating eggplant rolatini from the Italian Market, and going back to bed. Hopefully my Ambien will kick in and I’ll sleep.

Just some early morning ruminations before I go back to bed. Love and light.



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