Haiku No. 314: Locust Passion


A plague of locusts

Is invading the garden

Bugs, caught in the act.


Of multiplying.

They were stopped from their folly

I’m sure they were bummed.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture taken by myself, yesterday.

5 responses to “Haiku No. 314: Locust Passion

  1. Wow, Waterwoman is into the critter porn. First, it’s Gecko’s now it’s Locust. Maybe you need another man around, this D-dude may not be doing his job. No offense meant, but for this existential conversation, we need to know everybody is doing their part to further the survival of man, beast, and critter. Very good picture even better poem. Did you cut the bugs in on the royalties for the xxx rated stuff of theirs you’ve been publishing lately?

    • No royalties. As a matter of fact, their dance was stopped, and they were sent flying. We saw one of them wandering in the grass looking a little lost. Since I’ve been in FL I’ve learned more than I wanted to know about the critters ability to reproduce. I guess it’s just the atmosphere here, lol. Lends itself to lust. 😀

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