A Fun Night Out

I went to a play with Dan on Friday night. It was an unusual performance. It was put on by a man who regularly performs at open mic night named Peter Suarez, and is a very accomplished guitarist, singer and songwriter. This play is a one man show. He has created 5 characters, and all of them are funny, though there are some poignant moments too. He has Theo, who performed in the Catskills, and wears his pants way up high like an old man, and a black fedora, and glasses which are taped together at the bridge of the nose. There is Brother Soiree, who is a gay preacher, and really funny, but wants the audience to say AMEN a lot. There is The Spanish Guy who dances very well, and also performs with these things that are hard balls at the end of a rope. He spins them very fast, and you know if he messes up he will kill himself with one of them. There is the country singer, I can’t remember his name. And an Irish singer. They are all funny, in addition to being talented.

At one point in the show, Brother Soiree, the gay preacher asked the audience if they had ever studied abroad. Dan and I were in the front row, of a very small venue, maybe 20 people. Dan answered him, “Many.” Brother Soiree looked at him and said, “What?” Dan said with his Boston accent, “Many. I’ve studied many broads.” Everyone cracked up. Then Brother Soiree came over to us, put his hand on my knee, and said, “This is for you.” Then he stood in front of Dan, and slapped him. Not hard, but a real fake slap. We were hysterical. Peter, the actor playing Brother Soiree, is a small guy, about 5’5” and slender. Dan is a big guy, about 6’2′ and not slender. Not fat either, but certainly not tall and thin. At the end of the show he came over and shook our hands, and thanked us for adding to his show. He said he was grateful that we laughed because he realized, post-slap, that Dan was way bigger than him, lol.

It was such a fun night. They had complementary beer and wine and water in a cooler in the back of the room. We may go again.

It’s a great little town that I live in. To have venues like this, and open mic, and a small real theater for stage productions, as well as a dinner theater, is pretty remarkable. Lots to do. Tomorrow we’re going to the 4th of July parade which starts at 6 pm, and then stay for the fireworks they will be shooting off from the fishing pier. Should be a fun 4th.

Love and light, everyone.


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