Happy 4th of July

Thames River fireworks

Happy 4th of July to all my U.S. readers! I hope everyone is able to enjoy the day and maybe some fireworks. I’ll be going to the parade this evening which culminates in fireworks.

When I was married, we’d drive to New Hampshire to buy decent fireworks before the 4th. Then we’d set up a display on our waterfront (we lived on a lake) and shoot them off on the 4th, along with everyone else who lived there. It was usually a fun night, with fireworks going off late into the . My ex was usually in a good mood on the 4th. My son has often said that 4th of July was his favorite holiday. That’s probably because he and his dad set the fireworks up together, and his dad was usually pretty excited about it, and they had a good time together, unblemished by ugly outbursts from his father.

The Saturday after the 4th we always used to go to the Thames River Fireworks, when we had the boat. We’d anchor right on the edge of the line created by the buoys around the fireworks barges as close as we could get. Back in the day, the fireworks there were paid for by the Mashanpequot Indians who owned the Foxwoods Casino. They put about $500,000 into the display. It was the largest between New York and Boston. There were 3 barges, and the fireworks were put on by the Grucci family, a well known name in fireworks out east.

Anyway, it was fun. We’d go to the beach for the day, then anchor down there, and make a nice dinner. There’s nothing like sitting right under the fireworks as they go up. Crazy. They used to make smiley faces, and peace signs and hearts. It was kind of crazy. All synchronized to music. Another day my ex could forget himself and have a good day.

After I got divorced, I’d go to the marina where I owned a slip, park the car, and and my friends and I would walk over to Ft. Trumbull State park about a half mile away, sit out on City Pier over the water and watch them from there.

Obviously I love fireworks! Especially coordinated to music. I’m really looking forward to tonight, and to spending my first 4th of July in Gulfport. I think we’re going to spend the afternoon at Dan’s, and go for a drink at a place he’s been wanting to take me to. Then head over for the festivities. Time to make some new traditions and memories. It’s nice to have some memories of the old days that are untarnished, too. But it’s nice to make some new memories know they are not isolated events.

Love and fireworks to all!


Note:  The picture above is from Pinterest, and is of the Thames River Fireworks in New London.  The pier you can see is where I used to sit, once I no longer had a boat.










2 responses to “Happy 4th of July

  1. I guess everybody enjoys a big bang on the 4th. Very nice picture. I like to think that’s what my woman sees when the fireworks go off.

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