Middle of the Night Notes

I went to bed at 10:30, and read til 11:00. I turned off the light, and promptly fell asleep. For an hour.

Grrr. Wide awake at 12:30 AM. I was slightly hungry, because I’d eaten a light dinner. I lay there thinking about the peaches in my fridge, and about a bowl of them with some whipped cream, which I happened to have on hand from something I’d made a bit ago. I got up, sliced a peach, and covered them with whipped cream (thus the Haiku post preceding this one). I very rarely, like less than twice a year, get up and have a snack. But this snack was really good.

Now I’m sitting watching late night TV which I NEVER do, and writing, and just perusing my stats and other people’s blogs, and comments. There are inexplicable things that you can see if you use the statcounter widget. And some really cool things. It’s fun to see how people from all over the world read the blog. This week, I’ve had hits from Mongolia, Korea, and Kenya, just to name a few. I am so grateful for all my readers, near or far. It is such a small world, and I’m so pleased to be connecting with so many wonderful people.

We had a great time at the parade and fireworks last night. We watched the parade, which was a cute, short, small town thing.  Just anyone who wanted to really, could decorate a car, or truck or bike, or even baby carriage and be in it.  People were throwing candy to the kids, and mardi gras beads, (though they weren’t requiring flashing for them)!  Then we set up our chairs on the beach to wait for the firewortks. We had about 2 ½ hrs to wait. We watched a bank of very black clouds come in, heading for us, full of thunder and lightning. But, in front of us, reaching from the black clouds across the blue sky, was a rainbow. It reached across the bay. I kept hoping it would stop the rain but it didn’t. At first it just sprinkled, and the sky in front of us was still blue. But then it started raining harder and harder, and we quickly packed up our chairs and waited it out under the overhang of the restaurant across the street. It poured for about an hour. By the time it was over, the street was flooded, but the sun came back out and we made our way back across the street to the beach, and set the chairs up again, and sipped on the wine we brought in a travel mug. The fireworks were great for such a small town as this.

The picture on the left is the rainbow before the storm.  Notice the storm clouds on the far left. The picture on the right was taken after the storm, before the fireworks.  The setting sun caught the top of the storm clouds out over St. Pete beach and made for a gorgeous sunset. 

We came home, sat around the kitchen table for a bit talking, and snacking on whatever we could find. It was a great 4th, my first in FL. Very laid back, to be sitting on the beach watching fireworks. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I guess it’s time to see if I can get back to sleep. I have a lot to do tomorrow, or more correctly, today. I’d better get more than an hour’s sleep.

Love and light.

4 responses to “Middle of the Night Notes

  1. Let me get this straight. WaterWomen went to the beach twice, never went in the water and got soaked. Living up to your moniker I see.

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