Another Day In Paradise

Today dawned bright and sunny. And hot, again.  We went to breakfast at a French creperie. They had really good crepes. We got one filled with applesauce and caramel, and one filled with bananas and chocolate, with rum poured over the top and set aflame. Both were really good  

It was on to the local beach. By then, the day was really heating up with high humidity. We put our chairs in the sand, and headed for the water. The water was only slightly cooler than the air. We spent about an hour in the water. Then walked the beach. We were there for about 2 hours or so. 

We decided to go to my favorite restaurant for happy hour. We got drinks for $3, and a bunch of small appetizers. Buffalo wings, seafood bruschetta, and steamed clams. So good and so cheap!
As we sat at the outdoor bar, looking out on the calm turquoise Gulf of Mexico,  I saw the restaurant workers putting down all the umbrellas on the outdoor tables. I lookedoff to  my left and saw the sky in the picture below. Crazy! 

We were finished eating, so we went out to the edge of the restaurant beach access, and took pics. As we drove back to my sisters house a torrential and rather violent thunderstorm started, not unlike yesterday’s.  

I think that has happened every day this week, that the beautiful day has turned into a big thunderstorm.  Back st my sisters we sat in the deck and watched the storm for awhile. Then just like yesterday, a rainbow appeared in exactly the same place!!!  

Good omens!!  So beautiful. We’ll be going back to my house tomorrow, so no more blogs typed on my phone. I’ll be happy about that!  

Love and light, everyone. 

4 responses to “Another Day In Paradise

  1. Ok, l’m getting tired of all the fantastic pictures. And another thing, I think you might be photo shopping rainbows into every pic. Is it plagerism, to steal rainbows?

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