Back Home In Time for Family Issues

I’m home, back in Gulfport. We got back mid-day. It was hot and humid today, and didn’t storm for the first day in ages. It is Thursday, open mic night. As I was getting in the shower, my ex’s cousin called me and left a voice mail. She and her sister are pretty close with me, but they are both kind of high maintenance, so I put off talking to her today, since I was about to get in the shower.

When I checked my voice mails, I saw that I had one blocked voice mail. It was from the hospital my ex had been put in back in April. He is apparently back there, so they want to talk to me. I called them back and left a voice mail for the social worker, but it was late today so I won’t get a call until tomorrow. I had to unblock the hospitals number so they can call, but felt ok about it, since my ex does not call me anymore. This is just the ongoing drama with him, the saga. I don’t know anything yet, because I haven’t talked to anyone.

It is good news and bad news. It means he is not better, has not been taking his meds, and probably did something to have been brought into the hospital again. I know he refused to pay his rent because he said the landlord no longer owned the property. But the fact he is in the hospital is good. I was told that he would need to be brought in multiple times involuntarily before he can be committed to the state hospital. So this will probably not be the defining moment, but just another chapter in his drama.


Then, my god-daughter, my sister-in-laws 26 year old daughter is in the hospital having just had surgery on her shoulder and arm to remove a tumor and all the surrounding tissue. She is in a lot of pain, naturally. Her family is with her. They said she may go home tomorrow, though we can’t imagine it. I haven’t sent her anything but will wait until she gets home to send anything.

I didn’t tell my sister-in-law about her brother being back in the hospital. I think her plate is full enough with my niece’s cancer.

After a couple of carefree days in paradise, reality hit kind of hard today. I really don’t want to be involved with my ex’s problems now. I’m not family. Yet, I fear that it will next go to my son, and I don’t want to unload it onto him. He hasn’t spoken to his father in 7 years, and would have no clue how to deal with the situation. I keep him up to speed on his dad, but he really has no interest in his fathers issues. My sister-in-law is really next in line but she has so much on her plate at the moment I can’t put this burden on her.

So I have some stuff to deal with tomorrow.

Open mic night was fun. There were lots of performers there, it was a really good show. But it was so hot. No rain today means the temps didn’t cool down. The venue is outside, and we were pouring water down our backs with a straw. I took a shower before I went, and another when I got home.

Life had its dark moments too. Just dealing with what comes. Love and light all.

5 responses to “Back Home In Time for Family Issues

  1. It is always darkest before dawn. Sounds like your x ol’man is cracking, and we all know what that means, the light is starting to pour in. Karma is so good, once it slaps you around it gives you 3 hots and a cot. Life is fair and wonderful.

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