Reports of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exagerrated

I spoke to the social worker at the hospital this morning. My ex is really in “bad shape” according to her. He broke into a neighbor’s house, which was enough to get him placed back in the hospital. He apparently believes he is running the FBI (rolls eyes….he always had delusions of grandeur). He also told the hospital that I, and my sister-in-law, are dead. And, that my son is in the same hospital on a medical floor. When the social worker asked him what was wrong with my son, he said, “You don’t need to know that.”

He’s going to be placed in a care facility of some kind, and I’m so relieved and glad about that. They will see to it he eats, and gets his meds, and can’t get out. I put in a call to my atty to find out what will or should happen to my ex’s personal effects in the cottage he was renting. Slowly this will work itself out, and I won’t have to deal with the situation much longer. I may have to make a trip up to CT though, to sort through the stuff in the cottage. I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff in storage somewhere, but I would expect he stopped paying that bill a long time ago.

I got an update on my niece. She’s doing as well as can be expected, having had large amounts of her arm around her shoulder removed. I’m going to order a Kindle for her today. She should be home soon, maybe today even. It seems crazy, but they want people out of the hospital so quickly now, to avoid getting anything else.

I’m so glad to have things like open mic night to distract me. And that I had just had a few wonderful days down at my sisters.

Love and light.

4 responses to “Reports of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exagerrated

  1. Sorry to hear about your death. “Demeyes” of yours seem to get you in trouble, I recommend glasses, have about 5 of them filled with your favorite wine. This will help you see the difference between nasty from nice. Nasty are the ones that tell their tales of woe, want you to feel sorry for them, then treat you the way they just complained about being treated.

  2. I think there is some bittersweetness to this. To know that he is so ill that he cannot be ok in the world is hard. But to know he will be safe and cared for? Thats good. Much love to you.

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