Back To Connecticut

It appears that I will have to go to Connecticut. Soon, in the next couple weeks. It’s a convoluted path and I’m treading carefully.

My ex has completely slipped off the edge.  It’s a sad enough tale that I can’t even write about his recent actions at the moment.  He’s going to be placed in a facility where he will be safe, and they’ll make sure he eats, and takes his meds. It will be a relief to all of us who have had to deal with his illness.

He’s being evicted, having not paid his rent for a couple months. The landlord, who used to be my next door neighbor, wants to get his stuff packed up and out of the cottage so he can use it the rest of the summer.

My sister-in-law is being appointed conservator, because she is the only family in the area. She has a very sick daughter in Boston, and can’t deal with her brother on top of that. She has offered her home as a base, to stay as long as I want. It will be kind of weird though, since it’s the house my ex grew up in. It’s a place I know well.

His things, including 3 vehicles, need to be inventoried and valued for legal purposes. So I don’t want it packed up by the landlord. I have no idea what personal stuff he had in the cottage. I also want to see if there are any receipts or information on where all the furniture from my old house is/was stored. I have, or will have, a lien on anything he still owns, since he still owes me a bundle of money.

This will not be fun. I do not look forward to spending days in my old neighborhood, next door to my old house, full of nothing but bad memories. But, the discomfort will be eased by the fact that Dan is going with me, to help me, and support me. He will be a big help in dealing with the cars. He will help me to remember that was my life, it is not my life now. I am so grateful for him. I keep telling him that I can’t believe I don’t have to face this alone. I’ve been through so much with my ex, that I faced alone because I couldn’t and/or wouldn’t tell anyone about, or ask for help with. That Dan wants to be there for me is amazing to me.

The good thing is that I will stay long enough to see all my friends. I had planned to go in September just to visit. So I will stay long enough to visit, which will be fun. We may stay with some of my friends part of that time. I am kind of excited for Dan to meet these people. They will love him, because he loves me and I love him. They will be relieved that I have finally found a wonderful, loving, thoughtful, and considerate man.

The other good thing is that this will be the final chapter of the life with my ex. I thought it was done when I got through Supreme Court in Connecticut, and bought my house. But apparently there was a little more to do. I’ll do it, I’ll get through it. I have a feeling that when I get up there, my friends will show up to help me too.

Blessed, just totally blessed. Even though I have a difficult task ahead of me, I have people who will lift me, and keep me balanced.

Love and light.

4 responses to “Back To Connecticut

  1. Friends and loved ones are like a gift in life. but they are earned and not given. If you have them, you deserve them. Good luck in the last lap of your marathon. It is an easy win, once you get over heart break hill.

  2. It reminds me of how my sane and supportive partner came into my life before my dad (and my dog) died. We could have handled this stuff alone if we had to, because we’re strong. But I’m so glad we don’t have to. I’m thankful for David and Dan coming into our lives when the time was right, and grateful that, in spite of the challenges, there are big blessings coming our way.

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