Moving Along

Having such a nice day today. We woke up early, and went for a walk down by the beach, followed by breakfast at our favorite place down there. We’d forgotten that it was Tuesday, the day we have a Fresh Market every week. So we perused the vendors. I bought 3 dresses and a shirt from a vendor who was having a half price sale. Dan got some hand-rolled cigars, a guilty pleasure he indulges in once in awhile. The guy who rolls them is Cuban, and has a lot of different kinds. Then we bought a couple of freshly made scones, and some tomatoes, and a pineapple.

It was not too hot, in the mid 80’s, but is ridiculously humid, about 70% or so. So there are always thunderstorms around, and one started just after we got home.

Yesterday I opened up my pantry cabinet and a friggin fruit rat jumped off the shelf. Scared the living shit out of me. I screamed. It took me about an hour to calm down. I took all the food out of the cabinet, again. This morning Dan put foam insulation around all the plumbing in the wall in the kitchen and bathroom. We will set traps and leave them for a couple days to see if we’ve stopped them. God I hope so. They aren’t much bigger than a mouse, but I would have screamed for a mouse too, lol. I hope that’s the end of them.

I talked to the conservator-appointee this morning, and she said that me going through his stuff to inventory it is between me and the landlord. And that I can move the cars to protect them. So, I’m good to go, and get done what I need to do.

Now that I’ve got the OK from her, we’ll be heading up to CT next week for a couple weeks. We’re staying at a friends house, not my sister-in-laws, because the friend lives in my old town, and has a car and/or a truck we can use. It will just be a lot more convenient. Hopefully I’ll get the crap done at my ex’s cottage in a couple days and then go visiting and sight-seeing for Dan. Made the plane reservations today. I filled out the application for TSA Pre-check this morning too. I get it automatically from Delta, but I want to get it on all airlines.

Happy to be moving along on this. Will be wonderful to see all my old friends. Very excited about it all! Love and light.

4 responses to “Moving Along

  1. So you’re going back to the seen of the crimes!
    Well you have to do what you have to do. But I think the smartest thing you’re doing is bringing a guy, he might protect you from your “universal love” and forgiving self.
    Give your friends a hug and kiss. Give the anal voids from the past a good kick in the teeth. As usual, good karma to those that earn it and hell to those that dig the hole deep.

  2. Be sure to eat all the food in your house before you leave so there won’t be anything for the friggin” fruit rats to feast on while you’re gone.

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