Bits and Pieces This Morning

Bits and pieces today.

Yesterday at the grocery store the cashier called me Dan’s wife. We both let it go. I guess when a couple of old farts are together people assume you’re married. He had been joking with her, about me giving him credit for being right about something. It would have seemed in bad taste to say anything.

I drank too much wine last night, about a whole bottle myself. There was about a quarter bottle of one kind open in the fridge at Dan’s, and I finished it. Then he opened another bottle and I drank more than half of it. He wasn’t drinking wine. I’m amazed I am not hung over. Though I will say I drank about half of it, and then stopped drinking for about an hour or so. Then I resumed with dinner. So it was over a long period of time. I think I’ll lay off at open mic tonight though.

We went hot-tubbing at about 11 PM last night. In my enebriated state. It was actually nice, though the way the bubbles inflate the bathing suit was doubly funny with a little buzz on. We went in the pool after, to cool off again. It’s a lovely thing to do before bed, or when you can’t sleep. It’s quite relaxing.

We were telling stories to each other, about our lives. Funny stories. And talking about them. The kind of conversation that drinking too much wine brings about. We often muse about why my two stalkers, S and B, still read my blog. S, I kind of get. He and I have often gone months without talking and then begun again. But never during those times did I have a relationship with anyone else. Until now, and I clearly have one now that will stand the test of time. B, I don’t know why she reads it. But she only reads it about once a day. Him, it’s about 10 times a day. Whatever.

I was telling Dan last night how the last conversation I had with S was after I told him not to come down here, and subsequently mistakenly thought we could remain friends. He asked me to send him a picture of the “twins”. I got angry and realized he’d never respect the boundaries I’d set. I have not talked to him since. But when I told Dan, he said, “Well, he may be an asshole, but sometimes he’s right. They’re nice to look at.” LOL. Dan does not get jealous, and is very sure of our relationship.

Going over to my sisters on Sunday to give it another check before we go to CT, and will come back Monday. Then Tuesday the girls want to come over for a “Writer’s Group” meeting before I go. The hearing for my ex to get the court orders and assign the conservator will be Thursday morning, so it should all be in place by the time we get into CT Thursday afternoon.

I’m guessing I won’t be writing as much for the next few weeks as I deal with the remnants of my old life. I am still so grateful to have a man in my life who doesn’t want me to have to do this alone. It’s just so wonderful. I think today I’ll just go to my default setting of gratitude, and be content.

Love and light everyone.

5 responses to “Bits and Pieces This Morning

  1. Sound like you have developed good communication skills. If I were you, I would have the silly D-bag send you a pic of his little thing, just for insurance .
    Please send me copies of future corispodance for me to approve .


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