Random Saturday Thoughts

It’s been t-storming since late last night. It stops for a couple hours, the sun comes out, and then it starts again. It’s just crazy, it storms so much. Every day. Basically, one stays inside here most of the day, lol. Going out is done early in the morning, or in the evening. I gotta say the humidity backed off yesterday during the day, and the sun was out. It was actually a pleasant day. It will be nice to get to New England for a couple weeks, where the temps, at least at night, dip below 80.

We got rid of the fruit rats before they got started this time. The one we saw (that jumped out of the cabinet at me and scared the living daylights out of me) had not gotten into anythinig yet, and there was only one rat poop in the cabinet, so I’m pretty sure he’d just found the cabinet. Dan put that expanding foam around all the pipes and that seemed to do the trick. They have no way to get into the cabinet now. I sure hope I’ve seen the last of them.

We decided to go to my sisters just for the day tomorrow to check on the house. We both have too much to do to get ready to go on a long trip, so wanted to be here Monday. It will probably be storming tomorrow too, but I’m hopeful we are able to spend a little time at the beach, even just an hour. It seems so luxurious, to be able to drive 2 blocks from her house and go to a fairly deserted beach with white sand and turquoise water that is about the same temperature as the air.

My ex’s landlord who is my old next door neighbor is driving me crazy. I had a phone conversation with him, advising him that an atty is now being appointed conservator, and that I will get the documentation he requested from her, and bring it to him. He just now texted me as if we’d never talked. He asked if my sister was successful in being appointed. I reminded him of the whole conversation with him, and his request that I bring the court order appointing her, and permission from her to go through his things. Geezus. No wonder he got along with my ex, he’s almost as crazy. I see him as probably being the biggest pain in the ass with this whole thing.

Just some random thoughts for the day. Love and light.

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