End of A Busy Day

Whew. Busy day. I’m exhausted, but I got a lot done. It would have helped to sleep more than 3 hours sleep last night.

I got enough meds to get through 2 weeks in CT. Got gifts for the two grandbabies in my friend’s circles. Got gifts for the people we’re staying with.

Since a self-storage called my sister-in-law in the other day and told them that my ex’s storage bin is going up for auction, I called them, and got the balance on the fees he owes. Then sent an email about it to the atty who will be appointed conservator to tell her about it, so she can decide what to do. There might be some stuff in there with some value like a generator for our house, a fiberglass bottom inflatible dinghy, and 30 hp motor, personal watercraft, two kayaks, bedroom furniture, etc. Then emailed my atty in CT so she could begin to figure out how to put liens on all his personal effects.

Now, when I go up there, I will have to deal with his cars, his stuff in the cottage and his stuff in the storage bin. As my atty just said to me, he’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I also got my TSA pre-check approval so called Southwest to add it to my ticket. Not that it will do much good for this leg of the trip because Dan’s hasn’t come through yet. But we should be all squared away for the trip home.

I took a short nap and drove over to Dan’s. We were going to make dinner, but he surprised me and took me out to dinner because I’d been so busy today. He’s such a good guy. Takes good care of me, something I’ll never take for granted. And something I try hard to reciprocate.

Off to bed, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble sleeping tonight.

Love and light.

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