Reflecting On My Life

I came home from Dan’s before noon today. I did some picking up of the house for my writers group meeting this afternoon. Then I began to sort through the clothes I want to take to CT.

I’m looking so forward to seeing everyone. It’s like going home to family, really. People who have been my friends for more than 20 years. Close friends. The kind you share your joy and pain with. When I think of all the things they’ve seen me through, and all the fun times with all of them. I’m excited for them to meet Dan. They’ll be so relieved at what a good man he is. I’ve been getting in touch with them so hopefully we’ll be able to get together while I’m there.

My writers group here is a wonderful bunch of women too. We have shared some really hard and really good times with each other. Tonight, one of the group wanted to write an article for the local paper about our group. My first inclination was to say no, but maybe there’s a way. I told her I just don’t want to change the character of the group. We are limited to 5 or so, and I don’t want to have people asking to join us and have to say no. We finally agreed it was fine to mention it in a very vague sense, not naming names, or the work read.

We generally have taken to reading something each of us wrote and then talking about it, relating it to our lives, telling our stories. In between we get off on all sorts of topics. Past lives, politics, quantum physics, love and loss. We know we are safe with each other. It is a lot like my spiritual bookclub up in CT. Awesome to have girlfriends.

It’s been another full day. It’s another night where I close down my day full of gratitude for the life I have created. This post is really just reflecting, trying to keep it real. Time to go to bed. Love and light to everyone.

3 responses to “Reflecting On My Life

  1. What a full life! Your friend could write the article from the slant of how to start a writing group, or the benefits of a small writing group, implying you want to keep it small. (My mind is entirely too busy.)

    • Thank you for the ideas! The friend who wants to write it said she was thinking about an article on how the best events are the ones we create. So she would mention it, as an event we created among us. Which would work too. If she does it at all, I will be writing about it anyway, for sure!!

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