Ready To Go

I’m ready. Packed. Printed out our boarding passes. The house is cleaned and the fridge is cleaned out. The handyman came and put up my new gutter today. I’m leaving nothing undone.

Tomorrow this time, we’ll be with my peeps. We’ll be laughing, and talking, and catching up on the last 10 months. Dan and I both way overpacked, because we packed lots of clothes for the weather like it is here, which it won’t be there. Because, really, that’s the kind of clothes we have mostly. Then, we realized it will be much cooler there, especially at night, so threw in some jeans and longsleeved T’s, and a jacket or two.

Uber is picking us up at Dan’s at 6:30 tomorrow. We are happy that we both got TSA pre-check on our boarding passes, even though Dan’s Known Traveler Number has not come through yet. We should have time to get a bite to eat at the airport after we get to our gate.

I’ve heard the old wisdom, that you can never go home again. I’m sure things will be different, but not that much, up there. I look at being with my friends as going home. I look at dealing with my ex’s stuff, next door to the house where I lived 30 years, as not even close to going home. I am dissociated from it. I don’t think I have any pain, or anger, or any emotion at all for it. A bit for my ex, at the way his life has turned out. But his life is of his own choosing. What has happened to him is no one’s fault but his own. He isolated himself. No one could stop him.

I’ll take the joy that I find from this visit, and do the work that has to be done. It will all be good. I’m excited.

Love and light to all.

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