Back in Connecticut!

I’m here! The flights were good, although the second one was late for no apparent reason. We boarded the connecting flight in Ft. Lauderdale and sat on the tarmac for about 20 min to a half hour. But alls well that ends well.

My girlfriend picked us up, and it was like I never left. We chatted away the 40 minute ride to her house. The last two nights I was in CT I stayed at her house and now its where I returned to. I love it, I know where her silverware and coffee cups are.

She had a great dinner for us, and my other best friend and her hubby. They all really seemed to love Dan. My girlfriends told me, when the three of us were alone, “He’s a KEEPER Deb! He’s so handsome and he’s so nice!” It was awesome. He was brought right into the circle. My friends were so happy to see me so happy.

Last night I said, “What could be better than to be with my BFFs and Dan?” I had a good life here, despite my ex. And I have a good life in FL. And now they are seamlessly meshed together.

We laughed and laughed for hours. My stomach literally hurts from it.

My other friend who came to dinner is having a girls day at her house on her deck and by her pool. I told her I have to get over to my ex’s cottage today and start going through stuff, but I’m going to go a little later, because a lot of my other friends will be there.

I talked to the atty, who is going to give me all the documentation to give to my ex’s landlord, so I can get in the cottage. I kind of plan to use the day today to assess what needs to be done, and get together the things I need. I can start sorting his stuff into what will be thrown out and what will be kept.

It’s all good. I have no trepidation about going over there, mostly because Dan will be with me. He’s so much support, thoughtful, and he loves me. That this man’s path crossed paths mine when it did.

Time to get moving. Love and light.

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