Day One

The first day dealiing with the ex’s mess was as productive as it could have been. We got all the paperwork we needed from the conservator, and headed for the cottage he lived in.

What a mess. Filthy, moldy, and messy. Odd that he had a desktop computer that was less than a year old. Found notes by it, with FBI written on them (he thought he worked for the FBI and that my old house was the headquarters. O.o) It overwhelmed me at first, and Dan just got to work disconnecting and carefully wrapping it all up. We began to just sort, what was valuable and worth saving, what needed to be thrown out. We had to leave and go get some cleaning fluids, and paper towels, and toilet paper. Ugh.

We found keys to one of the cars, but nothing is in good shape. We will probably finish up there on Monday, and then try to get into his storage unit.

We left about 2 yesterday, and then I went to my bff’s house where she was having Ladies Day at her pool/deck. I got there about 3. My bff I’m staying with (I have more than one, lol) was there and a bunch of my other friends. It was good to see them all. At about 5:30 Dan and Joe (my friend’s husband that we’re staying with) came over and one other girl’s husbands, and we ordered pizza and wings and hung out there til dark. It was so good. Soothing for the soul. That’s something we used to do with some regularity.

It’s nice to instersperce the unpleasant job with seeing people I’ve known my lifetime. I’m so happy that everyone likes Dan. Like one said, he’s social, he’s funny, he’s good looking….he’s NORMAL!”

Today is cloudy and cool, a good day to go over there and get a lot done. In a few days we’ll be done there, and I won’t ever have to go back again. That alone is a relaxing thought.

Love and light to all.

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