It’s Been A Nice Couple Days

It’s been a couple of nice days. I’ve not been able to get into the storage box my ex has, because the atty is waiting for them to call back, so she can pay the past due fees. So we’ve had the day off for a couple of days.

Yesterday we went out in my friend’s boat, on the Connecticut River. It was a beautiful day, about 80° and dry, clear blue sky and very dry. We went down to the mouth of the river, just for me so I could see my old cruising grounds of Long Island Sound. We anchoredd in front of Katherine Hepburn’s house and had lunch. It was so nice to be in a boat again. Just felt so good. I was able to show Dan where the Race was, and Plum Island, (where they sent Hannibal Lector in the movie Silence of the Lambs), Long Island. The water was calm, with just a slight breeze. It was lovely.

Today we got breakfast at a little breakfast diner up the road, and then I took Dan to New London. I wanted him to see the club where the slip I owned was, and the whole area. It’s an old whaling town, and is kinda cool. We ate lunch at an outdoor place on the water nearby, fish and chips, clam fritters. Mmmm. It was fun.

I also stopped at the place where I buy all my stones and jewelry making supplies, and I spent $160. Yikes. Had to get out of there, lol. But it was fun to be back there and see all the amazing stuff they have.

Now we’re back at my friends. We’re waiting for a pizza to be delivered, and just sitting around talking. Our friends had to work today and will tomorrow also.

I’m really enjoying visiting and hanging out on my old stomping grounds and including Dan in all of it. It’s amazing how well we get along, and how well he gets along with all my friends. I really have been blessed to have him in my life.

Love and light, to everyone.

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