Things Are Moving Along Nicely

Things are moving along after a few days off. We’re gaining access to his storage unit today. The hospital has a set of keys my ex came into the hospital with, and the conservator gave me permission to take possession of. Hopefully there will be a key to the car which is at the cottage on it, so we can determine the condition of the car. So we’re moving along with the tasks we need to do.

We went out with an old girlfriend last night for dinner at a cute little spot on the Connecticut River that she and I used to frequent for the live music they have on the weekends. They were having an open mic night last night, so it was crowded inside where they were playing. We chose to sit outside because it was a beautiful clear, dry night. This is the friend who came to Florida to see me this past March. It was really good to see her and catch up. She thought Dan and I were a good match for each other too.

We also went to see my ex’s cousin who I’ve always been close to. She’s a little crazy as ever, but she’s a loving soul. It was good to catch up with her too.

I think I have to go to a funeral this weekend. The man who was principal of the highschool died at 60 years old of a massive heart attack while on a family vacation. His wife was a good friend of mine, so I feel like I should go. I feel so bad for her. He was retiring, and they’d just moved to a new house down by the shore. Just so sad. Their two sons are a year older and a year younger than my son, so I’ve known them their whole lives.

I’m not taking a lot of time to contemplate all the stuff I’ve had to do, and the way I feel about it. I’m just going through it one thing at a time, and staying focused on the task. I’m sure when I’m done, I’ll be writing a few blogs at least, working out my feelings. But til then, just gonna get the work done, step by step.

Life is good here. It’s awesome to see all my old peeps and hang with them. It’s been beautiful weather, and best of all, I haven’t had to do this all alone. The Universe has been working in my behalf.

Love and light to all.

2 responses to “Things Are Moving Along Nicely

  1. I’ve always heard the phrase “what’s the number one cause of death? Retirement.” What a shame.
    One of my friends just bought their very first house ever….and the day after they finally got moved in….her husband lost his job. (You know who it is.)

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