Almost Finished

We had dinner at my sister-in-law’s house last night. I can’t seem to put ex in front of sister-in-law. I guess when they are your in-laws for over 30 years, that’s who they are.

It was really good to see her, to be honest, and to kind of reconnect. My niece who had cancer, and I hope that’s the correct tense, “had” as in past, was there with her boyfriend. She is the sweetest kid ever. And she’s doing so well, you would never know by looking at her that she just underwent major surgery 3 weeks ago. So we caught up with them for a few hours, and it was very pleasant. They are happy for me about Dan, and he thought they were nice people. I guess he’s relieved, maybe, that they weren’t crazy, but just pretty normal folks, with a tight family. One of the other daughters who lives in Australia called while I was there and I got to check in with her too.

One of the reasons I really wanted to see her and kind of reconnect was for my son. His family is so limited, and I want him to feel like he has extended family. He called while I was there and said hi. I wish he had some siblings, but since he doesn’t it’s been important to me that he stay connected with other parts of his family. I don’t know how much this will help, but I hope it does.

It’s a rainy morning here in CT. The conservator found my ex’s Lincoln. He had driven it somewhere and parked it and gone to the police station, where they realized he was delusional and took him to the hospital. We didn’t know what had happened to the car. This morning I am going to meet her at the place where it was towed with the keys, which I got from the hospital the other day. I don’t know what we’re going to do with the car, but I would guess put it with the others. This one we have the title to, and so can sell it. The conservator will have to get about getting the titles from DMV for the other two cars.

Tonight we are having dinner with a couple other old friends, and that will be the end of our visiting thing, except my old book club in going to meet for dinner on Monday night. It’s been exhausting but I really didn’t want to miss seeing anyone. Dan has been such a trooper, hanging here in a strange town, meeting a ton of people who I know really well. It totally amazes me what he’s willing to do for me.

I’ll really be glad when I’m done with this stuff for my ex. I am sick of having it put front and center in my life every day. Quite ready to return completely to my present life. I’m lucky though, that I was able to intersperse it all with seeing my close friends. That part of the trip has been awesome.

Love and light to all.

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