Beginning To Wind Down

Last night Dan and I went to dinner with a couple of my oldest friends in town. Their daughter’s birthday is the same as my son, the same age. We met when the kids were 2 and have always been friends ever since. Her husband grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and once when we were there on our boat, they met us and drove us all around the island. It was fun. There is a long history there, and it’s comforting to make the effort to keep it up.  I think Dan was happy though, when I told him he doesn’t have to meet anyone else.

Today I took Dan to one of my favorite places on the water, a state park that used to be the estate of a family who made their fortune from Standard Oil. It’s now a 230 acre park, with a beach, a mansion that can be rented out, park-like grounds, a beach, a small amphitheater. It’s one of my favorite places. We brought a sandwich and had a little picnic, and walked the grounds for awhile. It was a really lovely day, kind of a day off from all the craziness we’ve been dealing with.

When we got home, my friends had a feast prepared for us. It was unbelievable. BBQ ribs (3 racks), 5 lobsters, homemade cornbread, salad, corn on the cob. It was incredible!!!! Holy cow. And peach pie for dessert. Stuffed, and happy.

We’re down to dealing with the cars now, and that’s it. So I will get done what I can, with the help of Dan and my friend here, and finish up in the next few days. I have some stuff I want to mail to my son that was actually his that his father had. Just odds and ends now, except for the cars. But I can’t do too much with them. They are the conservator’s problem, but I want to make sure she gets for the what they are worth. Hopefully, the money will quickly revert to me.

I’m tired but relaxed tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to my old workplace and see the folks I used to work with, and then go to lunch with my friend from there who retired just before me. Tomorrow night our old book club is gonna get together for dinner. That will be fun.

So it’s been a good couple days. Feeling happy and blessed.

Love and light.

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