All The Loose Ends Are Tied Up

Today I will finish up the unpleasant task of dealing with my ex’s mess. The Lincoln that was towed and we found will be junked. Dan and my friend went to the place storing it to determine the value of it and pay the storage fees. When my ex parked the car, he broke the ignition key off, deep inside it. Deep enough it wasn’t visible, but you couldn’t get another key into it.  It was obviously his plan to go then to the police station and behave crazily enough that they took him to the hospital.  Unbelieveable, but had to be true.  He was making it as hard as possible to benefit from his teeny assets.  Sick sick man.  Anyway, the storage fees were almost $1000, and the car couldn’t be started and it’s only worth $1000. The place where it is can keep it.

After they finished with the car they went to the cottage and picked up the last of the things there that needed to go to the storage unit. Then they went to the storage unit, and my friend dug around all the stuff that was way in the back of the unit, and found all my sons hockey jerseys, trophies, and pictures. I was so happy about this. I’d asked my ex for them a number of times, and he always had some reason why he couldn’t give them to my son. He was using them as a carrot to draw my son back in, and my son never bit. But he wanted the stuff, and now I have it and will send it all to him. That was his life as a child, from age 5 or 6 to 16. I’m so happy he will have it.

While they dealt with the storage unit and the last of the stuff at the cottage, I went to the place I used to work to see the people there, then went to lunch with my friend from there who retired a few months before me. It was fun, and I’m glad I went. I went out to dinner with a couple of friends from my old spiritual book club last night. Now I’m done visiting, and only have stuff left to pack up and ship to my son and myself in Florida.

By tonight, I’ll be done. For the last time. Next time I comeup here it will be for pleasure only. To see my friends and enjoy the cool New England summer. Yesterday it was chilly, like a high of about 65, maybe less. I was freezing all day. I kept saying it was like Florida in the winter. And not even that many winter days. It’s been lovely.

I’m so grateful to my friends who have put us up for 2 weeks. This whole task could have been so hard, but they made it so easy. It’s amazing, and I am eternally grateful.

Time to get going on finishing this up. Love and light.

2 responses to “All The Loose Ends Are Tied Up

  1. I’m a little afraid you’re not listening to my remarks.
    I’m glad you are feeling better about everything but without the nut job and with wonderful, loving, boring D’Dude, I’m not sure what you will write about. Happiness, bliss, or maybe you can tell us about the last great meal you had?
    Please throw in a bit of drama from time to time.
    With love and light bla bla bla.
    2020 and revenge

    • 2020, you should know by now that I never run out of subject matter, even if it’s boring. I mean, I have around 2100 blogs! And drama….Geezus I have had enough of that for 15 lifetimes, at least. Now that I have no drama, I might try fiction. Who knows?

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