Heading Home

We’re heading home today. Glad to be going, but it’s been a good visit. I got done what needed to get done, with the help of Dan and my good friends. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to try to do this job if my friends had not given us the basement of their house and a car. I can’t imagine how I could have gone through all my ex’s stuff, which was mostly “our” stuff from an old life, if I hadn’t had Dan to lean on.

It felt good yesterday, when the conservator asked me for the VIN numbers of the 2 vehicles for which she has to get titles, and I was able to tell her to contact the landlord for them, or the insurance company. Or take a run over to his cottage and get them off the vehicles. I absolve myself of any further responsibility regarding his stuff. She’s getting paid to do it, so she can figure it out.

Last night we went to my bff’s house she’s renting on the shore, and I saw pretty much her whole family, who always embraced me as family. It was wonderful to see them all. We sat on the sand and had drinks and talked, on a beautiful New England evening watching the sunset. It felt like old times. We caught up on each other’s lives. I got to meet new girlfriends, hug the niece who is pregnant, and the daughter, now 20, that called herself my other child.

I’ll be so glad though, to get home. Two weeks away is a long time, and I’m sure it was a long time for my friends to have houseguests. I’m sure they are happy to have their house back to themselves. We did, however, all get along surprisingly well. I’m pretty sure they will be coming to FL to visit next winter, especially now that I have Dan in my life, because Dan and Joe, whose house we stayed at, get along so well.

Life really can be wonderful. Love and light.


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